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At The GameBoard, we strive to create connections. In addition to doing so at our retail store, we frequently are out in the community partnering with local organizations, running GameExperiments in schools and facilitating events for large groups. Here are what some of our participants have said:

"Games are an essential part of developing the whole child. Through the creative play in games, students develop strategic thinking and collaboration skills. All these skills are essential in preparing students for the 21st Century. Structured, positive and creative interaction with peers and adults is what The Game Board offers our students, their families and the greater Sheboygan community."

Joe Sheehan, retired Superintendant of the Sheboygan Area School District

"I thought all the families that I worked with were very respectful last night! I also liked the way Lynn integrated the family values, face to face interaction, and respect into her blurb."

Andrea Jones, third-grade teacher

"I just wanted to provide some feedback on the GameBoard’s rental center.

My wife and I were discussing it last night (together with our first two rental games) and we thought it was the best idea we’ve heard of in a long time.

We are pretty new to board gaming and have made several regrettable boardgame purchases where we ended up with games that were far too complicated for us to figure out. After one halting play-through they’ve gone on our shelves never to be played again. Spending 50-60 dollars for something that provides a few hours of frustration and a lifetime of dust collection is no one’s idea of a good time and this was really driving us away from board gaming at all.

As such, we were both very excited when we found out The GameBoard’s rental games! We finally get a chance to try the game to make sure that it’s a good fit for us before we spend a lot of money on it. That will go a long way towards making us confident that we’re not wasting money pursuing this new hobby. As a bonus, it’s also nice to receive a credit for the rental cost towards the purchase of the game which helps even the playing field between local stores and Amazon. (Why risk $50 dollars on a game from Amazon if you can try it first at a local store and then get your rental cost back when you buy it locally?)

Our other biggest hurdle to board gaming is making our way through the sometimes obtuse rule books to figure out how to play the game. When I was in the store yesterday… GameBoard’s staff will help show you how to play the game before you head home with it."

- Martin Nielsen

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