GameExperiment – board games for schools

Educational and inspiring! The GameExperiment is a hands-on challenge for kids offered to schools and non-profits. Children participate in a one hour session,  moving through a series of four games and a variety of experiences such as problem-solving and strategy creation. The GameExperiment may be tailored to meet specific educational objectives including geography, math and reading. This program is now a national business model being followed by the Game Manufacturers Association.


Where else can you “try before you buy” and have a personal gaming assistant to explain things to you? HERE! We have more than 300 demo games, and we add and change games every few months.
Back in 2009, our Founder, Lynn Potyen had the idea to start this program. It has been so successful that today she travels, gives seminars, shares and helps train new retail locations world wide to rent their games. She has been asked to consult with people in India, Australia, China, Canada, South America and all over our Nation.  Lynn feels blessed to have created this technique that helps so many to connect through the Table Top Industry!
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Summer Gaming Program

Summer is just around the corner and at The GameBoard we challenge you to play board games in a “play to win” program. Just like when you were a kid and joined the reading program at your local library! Now you can play board games to win entries into a drawing giveaway! All ages are welcome to participate, see store for details and to enter.  Begins on June 1st through July 31 of every summer!

GameBoard Parties

Host your next celebration at the GameBoard. Birthday parties are fun and interactive with game play, snacks and a drink! Host a casino night or we will customize a unique gaming experience for office parties and adult gatherings.
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GameBoard Wish List

A great way to find out what types of games your family members enjoy! We’ll keep their wish list on file for future occasions, and you’ll know exactly what to get for that special birthday present or holiday gift. Create a personal or family wish list, and make it easy for others to pick out that special something for you, too!

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