In-Store Play

Playing Games

Stop in almost any time, and you’ll find The GameBoard filled with people doing exactly what we promote – playing games. We love to see every table full!

For any of the play options noted below, contact us via email and we’ll work with you to plan the perfect outing to our store. To assure our long-term sustainability, there is a fee to participate and we know you’ll find what you get in return is worth the investment.


When we host a game party in our store for you, it includes over 300 games to select from (you can play any number you choose), snacks and a beverage for all partygoers. The game party is led by one of our store staff who brings excitement and knowledge. Consider a casino night, a custom themed game party, or holiday party.


For an expanded gaming experience, join one of The GameBoard’s groups. Leagues and clubs meet weekly, depending on the game.

Currently this is our consistent schedule:
Magic - Monday and Friday
Pokémon - Tuesday
Board games - Tuesday and Saturday
Role playing - Wednesday
Heroclix - Thursday

When we host tournaments, we choose specific dates and the competition is for prizes.

Summer Board Game Club

If you find you have more free time during summer, The GameBoard challenges you to fill it with our Board Game Club. Held mid June through July 31 each summer, this “play to win” program incorporates a variety of board games. For every six games played, you are entered into a drawing for a special giveaway at the end of summer.

Casino Night

These are some of our most popular events for private and corporate functions. They occur at The GameBoard or the location of your choosing and last from two to four hours. You have the choice of four to six of the following table games: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack, and more. The GameBoard provides the pit boss and dealers for each table/game and handles all the details from set-up to clean up.

Field Trips

The GameBoard is a great destination for group outings of all ages such as school classes, church groups, day cares, and seniors. Our staff can help select appropriate games and get your group started playing immediately without having to read through and discern the game rules.

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