Lynn Potyen

Lynn Potyen

Lynn Potyen, founder of The GameBoard, has quickly become a recognized resource for the worldwide game industry. She travels to help retailer owners and consults with retail location staffs about the rental model she developed. Lynn has also been a keynote speaker at game industry trade shows, both internationally and in the United States.

As a leading expert in playing for brain health, Lynn works with individuals living with autism to Alzheimer’s. In what is typically is an emotionally challenging time when facing these types of health issues, Lynn is able to help these people elicit a positive outlook.

She is a retail consultant to Play More Games, based in Finland, who are tech developers creating an app called Dized. This app represents an entirely new concept that will revolutionize learning to play games.

Contact Lynn to learn when she is available for your event and how she can develop the perfect speech for your group.

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