Sheboygan County Challenge Passport

If you are visiting our area and looking for an activity to enjoy with your family, friends or coworkers, then consider renting a game(s) or participating in our Passport program.

Come to The GameBoard and, with the help of our staff, select a game perfect for you/your group. The staff will quickly teach you how to play so you can get right to enjoying the game. We have snacks and beverages available for purchase.

Looking for a game that encourages you to be a tourist? Then this challenge is for you! This is not a journey for the faint of heart, the boring, nor the couch potato. This is a task for adventurers, explorers, and “try-ers” of something new. This is a chance to seek, find, and discover Sheboygan.

Obtain an official passport at the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce office or from The GameBoard. Visit, finish a task or collect a stamp at each location based on the details in the passport booklet. Some locations are seasonal or have a cost associated so please check with individual sites. When your passport is complete, bring it to us for a nice surprise.


The Sheboygan County Challenge Passport

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