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Here at the GameBoard, we strive to create connections. We don’t limit that to inside the 4 walls of our retail location. We frequently are in the community partnering with local organizations, running GameExperiments in schools and facilitating events for large groups. Here are what some of our participants have said:

‘Games are an essential part of developing the whole child. Through the creative play in games, students develop strategic thinking and collaboration skills. All these skills are essential in preparing students for the 21st Century. Structured, positive and creative interaction with peers and adults is what The Game Board offers our students, their families and the greater Sheboygan community.”

Joe Sheehan

“I thought all the families that I worked with were very respectful last night! I also liked the way Lynn integrated the family values, face to face interaction, and respect into her blurb.”

– Andrea Jones, Third-grade teacher


Community Partners

Jackie Schwark-Hang Out Local Business Connection


The “Living with Amy Show” on Fox 11 featured The GameBoard!


Sheboygan County Chamber
Sheboygan Chamber

Dementia Care Network of Sheboygan County

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