Happy Holidays!!

Can you believe it?!?!? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! (we are closed!)

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Gobble up the food, Gobble up the love, Gobble up the fun!
This Fall season has flown out the door, we have closed up the patio for the year and it is now piled with snow! Heidi worked hard all October and got the lights up before the first snow fell. She has created a beautiful light show in our yard and we are excited to be turning it on Friday!

All day folks have been stopping in and picking up the last minute entertainment for their family gathering! Concept and Snake Oil were rented, Timeline was purchased, people were looking for dominoes (don’t forget to give us a few days on some games because we don’t always have these in stock), the Shop Small Saturday bags are packed with goodies and we are almost ready for Friday!

Hopefully Kevin and Amado will get to help you on Friday and Saturday! Saturday make sure you shop at the local retailers and help celebrate loyalty to those who support your community! Stop in and rent a game for the holidays, there is still time tonight to get a good new option for Thanksgiving!

If you are traveling–drive safely and return back to us soon!

But most of all have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!

Love, Lynn

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