OMG it finally happened!

Can you believe IT?
I couldn’t!
I was sure IT would never happen.
But here we are….IT has occurred!

Here I sit at the store quietly enduring all my emails and enjoying some short conversations with a couple browsers who stopped by. A quick birthday purchase and run, a request for playing cards and a deep discussion about cribbage boards. But through it all, I can see IT happened.

sears shelf

Sears is selling it’s display pieces and I upgraded to real ways to showcase our sleeve collection!  Doesn’t it look pretty?!?!  I am super excited about such a simple change and re-organization, Kevin and I spent 2 days planning and implementing this!!!

Now I can sit back and enjoy organized sleeves, the backyard view at The GameBoard, a cup of tea, a great game and SNOW!  Oh Happy Day!

~Love Lynn

snow in backyard of store

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