Poke’GO! at The GameBoard

Pokemon GO went live this week in Celebration of 20 years in the Industry. We would like to Congratulate, Pokemon on the 20 year Anniversary and the success of this live game play!

If you haven’t had a chance this week to hear on your news feed about the latest craze, just take a drive around town. You’ll notice all the young folks out wandering around with their phones taking a walk. No, they haven’t suddenly decided to ditch the video game world. Instead the video game world has become mobile. Bringing the Pokemon game to a live format, out and about in your town catching live Pokemon!

There are all sorts of places to capture Pokemon as they travel about the countryside, gyms to level up in and Poke stops. The GameBoard is offering a promo card for your Pokemon deck when you reach levels 5, 7, 9 and 11 in Poke GO. Stop in at each of these levels and show us you are currently there and we will give you the promo shiny! Plus when you join a team we have a pin for you! If you bring in your Pokemon playing cards, play a game on site and join our league we will give you double marks for participating that day! Want to earn another pin? Make a purchase with us and we will gift you with something shiny to add to your collection!

So join The GameBoard this summer for some extra fun catching your Pokemon!

Love, Lynn

Pokemon GO

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