We rocked the Summer!

It’s been a while since we last chatted….the summer weather has been keeping me off the computer and closely aligned with being outside!  Now that school has been back for a month and the dust has settled.  It’s time to reconnect and fill you in on what we have been up to!

Last you heard from us we were up for an award for the Best Community Outreach Program.  We are pleased to announce that we totally WON!!!!  🙂  This was awarded to us right after school started back and I have been waiting for our plaque to arrive but I didn’t want to wait any longer.  When it arrives I will post a photo of the team and our cool award!!

The temperature has been swiftly descending and the tree leaves are beginning to change color…take a few moments to look at the last of the summer green, it will be gone way too fast this season.  Apples are arriving along with pumpkins and we have brought out all our cool new Halloween themed games.

This coming Monday Oct 6 is our official 8 year Anniversary, we are inviting everyone to a  big neighborhood party at our little place on the corner; deep in the northeast side of Sheboygan,  Saturday Oct 4, from Noon – 4 pm.  We are providing Brats and Anniversary cake, please bring a dish to share and join us for food, a gamer garage sale and neighborhood celebration as we dive headlong into our 9th year in this amazing community!

Come rent a demo, buy some of the used games we started with or check out the yummy offerings Saturday is coming and we want you to CELEBRATE with US!!!

See you at the corner,
Love, Lynn

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