Feed Your Brain

Playing games builds critical life skills like Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Social. These help nurture bonds, reduce stress, and support good mental health for all ages. Games are not just for children but for a lifetime of healthy brains.

Through play, people learn:

    • CREATIVITY: Expands your world by embracing challenges that spark unique ideas and innovative solutions.
    • COMMUNICATION: Helps us engage by using verbal and non verbal skillsets to grow and understand social cues.
    • SOCIALIZATION: Facilitates collaboration, compromise, negotiation, patience, and turn taking skills.
    • EMOTIONAL SKILLS: Bolster empathy and regulate emotions both good and bad. They help you to handle loss & grow to be a confident but humble leader/winner.
    • COGNITIVE LEARNING: Stimulates critical thinking skills, hones memory, sharpens reasoning, and fosters problem solving skills.

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The GameBoard supports all family members and we encourage you to bring your pet in as long as they are on a leash and well behaved!Pets are welcome here!

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