Not Just A Store... It's A Destination

Our in-store play, for the foreseeable future, continues to be suspended. As soon as the second floor construction is finished, we will be hosting events again.


Peace! ❤ Lynn and The GameBoard Team


In the heart of downtown Sheboygan, we're THE destination for strategy, imagination, and gaming since 2006! Our goal is to curate games for individuals and families starting from ages 2 through all the stages of life. We try to connect specific games to individuals, focusing on family and being aware that we all have unique abilities in how we learn. Each of our employees have specialties and interests that drive their passion. Many of them have experience working with individuals who have different ways to absorb information that can range from learning issues all the way through to dementia, Parkinson's, and brain health disorders.

Playing games builds critical life skills like Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, and Social. These help nurture bonds, reduce stress, and support good mental health for all ages. Games are not just for children but for a lifetime of healthy brains.

The GameBoard supports all family members and we encourage you to bring your pet in as long as they are on a leash and well behaved!

Pets are welcome here!

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