Hello GameBoard,

Our in-store play, for the foreseeable future, continues to be suspended.  As soon as the second floor of 621 N 8th st is finished we will be hosting events again. We are open to shopping Mon-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, and Sun 11-3pm.


Be safe,
❤Lynn and The GameBoard Team

The GameBoard isn't just a store... It's a DESTINATION

Here we are thrilled about gaming and growing a safe, fun community!


The GameBoard is much more than a store…It’s a destination; a gaming boutique where you’ll find a great variety of tabletop games. We don’t compete on price with the online and big box retailers; we’re about quality, high end products and services. We’re also part of the growing movement to be a Third Place. Not familiar with that concept – then see more in About Us.

Our staff is super excited about gaming and growing a safe, fun community. This is THE place to discover new games and join other gaming enthusiasts. It’s the destination where camaraderie, strategy, imagination, and entertainment come together in a totally fun gaming experience.

Whatever your gaming passion, whether it’s board games, collectible card games, fantasy games, educational games, or party games, The GameBoard is the place to find hundreds of tabletop titles. Gamers of all ages, young kids to adults, are welcome to play demo copies in the store or rent them overnight. On top of that, rental cost goes towards the final purchase when you fall in love with the game.

Check out the Gaming Events Calendar to participate in events and special game nights. Compete as part of an existing game league or bring friends to start your own. Celebrate a birthday or other special event at our store. Whatever gaming experience you are searching for, The GameBoard likely has an option, or, if you don’t see one for you, then challenge us to create one.

The snack bar, with refreshments for purchase, is a great solution when you get caught up in the gaming wave and need some beverages or snacks.

FUN FACT: Board games improve logical thinking and decreases your probability of developing dementia and even Alzheimer’s! Read more here!

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