About Us

The GameBoard
1832 N 8th st
Sheboygan WI 53081


The GameBoard has been in business since 2006. The store is constantly evolving, be it through a selection of new games on the store shelf or out in the community- testing out the latest in brain training education.

Lynn Potyen is the sole owner of The GameBoard. Lynn loves people and games and she brings the two together harmoniously. She has successfully built a safe “community” for all ages in Sheboygan through her store. Besides running the store she travels the nation speaking at many conferences about brain games and building community. She is the founder of the GAMA community orientation program, creator of the Rental Model and has been elected 3 terms on the Game Manufacturers Association- Retail Board.  Lynn is currently serving on the task force creating a Dementia Friendly Sheboygan County.

Amy Zwick is a fast and hard core gamer.  In May she was hired full time as the Manager and Concierge.  The biggest fan of Dr Who that we have she shares the duties of buyer with Lynn. Amy has years of experience in retail, as she used to own the Hallmark in Sheboygan. Amy has lectured about retail strengths and taught seminars on business practices for this Industry.

Meg Peterson is a retired teacher from Horace Mann Middle School, she specialized in science, social studies and language arts curriculum. Meg loves board games, she is well versed in how to use a game in the classroom, home and just for fun!  Meg and Lynn are focusing their efforts on the brain health initiative, creating a resource for our educators and students, designing more programs for our seniors and building a healthy Sheboygan County starting with the brain!

Kevin Potyen (Lynn’s brother-in-law) Works 3 evenings at the store, he is affectionately known as the store’s “walking encyclopedia of all gaming knowledge” due to the fact that he knows the rules of many of the in-store games, collectibles, RPGs and trading card game rules! Kevin serves as a judge for Magic and loves to push his strengths to help you build a new deck.

Amado Romero fills in for many events and specialty areas.  Amado is the king of pricing collectible games, his speed and accuracy are second to none.  Amado has been a customer for over 10 years and keeps our Magic in check.

Nick Carroll works part time and is finishing his final year of High School.  As our youngest employee he holds his own, his customer service is splendid and his wit quick.  Nick plays many games including Pokemon, Magic, Herclix and he dabbles in board games.

Heidi Hediger  keep the behind scenes moving at The GameBoard.  Heidi focuses her talents in our garden area, making the garden flourish and grow.  With her green thumb and amazing patience she has built the garden over the last 9 years.  Plus Heidi loves to teach new games to anybody who wants to learn.  Her specialty is Splendor but get her started in a hand of poker and be sure you’ll loose!

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