Come Visit Us!

Enjoy the ambiance of this 150 year old jewelry store & mercantile.  Since 1870 this building has been the hub for all the comings and goings of beautiful jewels and lifestyle choices!  In 2020 we bought this gem and moved our fancy little game shop downtown, filling this building with more jewels!  Then peruse the shelves for a new adventure, for you and your family to take home with you.  So many options from party games to role playing and everything in between. Ask to see the display cases open or see inside the safe that was built into the alcove beside the stairs.




If you are visiting our area and looking for an activity to enjoy with your family, friends or coworkers, then consider participating in our Passport program.

Looking for something that encourages you to be a tourist? Then this challenge is for you! This is not a journey for the faint of heart, the boring, nor the couch potato. This is a task for adventurers, explorers, and “try-ers” of something new. This is a chance to seek, find, and discover Sheboygan.

Obtain an official passport at the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce office or from The GameBoard. Visit each location based on the details in the passport booklet. Some locations are seasonal or have a cost associated so please check with individual sites. This will give you a tour of Sheboygan County and some cool out of the way things you may have missed.

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